iPhone 7 Screen Protector 3 Pack Gorilla Glass

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iPhone 7 Screen Protector


3 PACK - Gorilla Glass iPhone 7 Screen Protector | Gorilla Cases (Clear)

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iphone 7 tempered glass, gorilla glass screens ss

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  • DESIGNED FOR APPLE IPHONE 7 - Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors help prevent damage from drops and scratches, while providing an unrivaled user experience. No interference with new iPhone 7 sensors. iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY HD BALLISTIC GLASS - Made from the highest grade Japanese Asahi glass, our multilayered screen protectors are made with polished, rounded edges and provide 99.99% HD Clarity and 3D Force Touch Accuracy.


  • The iPhone 7 screen has a curved edge, the screen protector doesn't fully cover the iphone 7 screen.

  • This is because it works with any phone case and the corners will not come off!

  • This screen protector only covers the flat surface reducing the risk of bubbles.

  • We've designed our screen protector so that it's easy to install, durable and offers maximum coverage.

  • CASE FRIENDLY – Works with iPhone 7 cases and won’t interfere with installation.

HIGH GRADE COMPONENTS: Gorilla Cases Glass screen protectors use only Gorilla Cases branded Japanese glass and Silicone adhesives for viewing clarity and easy installation and removal.

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  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Manufactured using state-of-the-art chemically processed Tempered glass that is reinforced with multiple layers, built to provide maximum protection and superior shock absorbency. Ultra thin and sleek surface that blends seamlessly with your screen, but has 9H hardness which resists wear and tear, scratches, cracks, and high impact drops. Anti-glare and Anti-fingerprint coating that resists oils, finger prints and smudges from making your screen look dingy and dull. iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

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  • EASY AND BUBBLE-FREE INSTALLATION GUARANTEED: Precise laser cut to fit perfectly on the iPhone 7 front body and will easily attach to the screen smoothly and hassle-free. If there is a spot, bubble, or section that doesn't adhere, just peel off the screen protector and install it again.

  • KEEP YOUR IPHONE 7 SCREEN LOOKING BRAND NEW: 93.7% Light Transmittance that is higher than normal eyeglasses, Gorilla Glass has 99% HD Clarity and Transparency that will ensure maximum viewing resolution for the Iphone 7 Super Amoled Display. The ultra thin and highly sensitive glass provides maximum touch accuracy that won't affect the phone's touch screen functionality and responsiveness. iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

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