UV Phone Sanitizer – UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging – Portable Bamboo Sanitizer

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  • OPTIMAL SOLUTION: With the Makbox UV phone sanitizer you have an effective sterilizer box and a wireless charger in one piece. Also, the box is multifunctional and made of bamboo wood, which makes it a must-have accessory for your home or office.
  • TOP-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our UV phone cleaner is made with natural bamboo wood. The wooden sterilizer box is eco-friendly, durable and has a sleek design that will blend in beautifully with your office desk.
  • WIRELESS CHARGER: We designed this portable sanitizer to be super convenient and practical. That is why it features a 15W wireless charging function so you can charge your phone and disinfect it with the same amazing tool.
  • EFFECTIVE STERILIZATION: Our cellphone sanitizer has a fully enclosed design and 6 UV LEDs that destroy effectively any bad particles and other external elements. In 3 minutes, the bamboo box will provide complete sterilization for your items.
  • VERSATILE USE: Not only that you can use our disinfection box to clean and charge your phone, but also to clean any other items that fit. You can sterilize your mask, keys, cards, rings, makeup tools. Also, the bamboo box is compact and can be carried anywhere you need.
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