Would you want a toilet seat that someone returned?


I didn't think so! We cannot use a case that is returned therefore once you buy it it is yours. We do not have any returns, unless we send an incorrect product. This is due to covid -19 as well as phones being very dirty to read more look below.



Your Cell Phone Is Grosser Than You Think

 Mar 09, 2015

Unless you live in a plastic bubble, germs and bacteria are on every surface you touch. Apparently, even washing your hands promises very little protection; one study revealed 25 percent of the public soap dispensers tested contained fecal bacteria. But what surfaces are the most notorious germ farms? We all know door handles are home to high populations of germs, but how do they compare with a cell phone? And who is more germ-ridden, men or women?

According to study findings published in the Wall Street Journal, swabs taken from a sample of cell phones had up to 33,200 CFUs, or colony-forming units, on them. According to a website created by the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Health, a restroom door handle only has 4 CFUs.




What does This Mean ?


That your cell phone along with everyone that has one is completely disgusting.


What's Dirtier, Cell Phone or Toilet Seat?

When people in New York City were asked which they thought was dirtier -- the sole of your shoe, a toilet seat or a cell phone -- the answer was overwhelmingly the toilet seat.

But they were wrong -- your cell phone is filthier.

New research out of the United Kingdom found mobile phones are a technological petri dish for tens of thousands of germs.

Why? Germs multiply in warm places. Between the heat the phones generate and the germs on faces and hands, you've got a bacterial breeding ground.

"You put it in a warm place, you hold it in your hand, you put it in your pocket like I do, it's nice and warm," said microbiologist Chuck Gerba. "Bacteria like that. It can grow in these types of places."



Dirtiest Phone Ever Tested


Believe it or not, the filthiest phones can spread the dreaded staph bacteria, which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis. And where do these germs come from? Your hands and face.

Gerba recently tested 25 mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half. Gerba also tested 10 phones from "Good Morning America" cast and crew. The results were shocking, especially the from the soundman's phone. "This is the dirtiest phone I have ever tested," Gerba said. "He has somewhere between 10 and 50 million bacteria on his phone. If there is ever a new life form on this planet, it will be on this phone."





Honestly, Guys after reading all of that you most likely in the sink with bleach splashing on your smartphone.


But can you understand why we cant do anything with returns?

Seriously would you expect us to resell an item that could get someone sick or even worse a disease?

Latly watch for company that sell used phone cases or that allow returns.. chances are you will get that case..


There are no refunds on Screen Protectors due to the nature of the product.

Please note once the item is opened it in not able to be returned.


How Returns Work


We only have returns on items that were incorrect. Example “if you place an order and the item that is sent to you is incorrect, color, or phone size then you can exchange it for the correct item.”

If the box is opened, then this voids your return.



Please mail or call to begin return process.

Please note that a customer only has 14 days to get a replacement. This only covers manufacturer damage. We cannot replace items after 2 weeks, and this is up to the discression of managment. 




Order Processing Time


Please note if you order an item that is backorder/preorder we cannot cancel the item. If you wish to cancel the item there will be a fee applied of 30% of the total cost of the item. Its just too expensive for us to do.

Orders take 2-3 business day to fully process depending on stock, from that point it is 5-10 business day shipping for the ordered item. The total can be up to 14 business days shipping time unless there is delays with covid -19 or issues with the shipping company.


We do not have cancellations, once you order it will be processed, we cannot do this is has hurt us financially to have large amounts of customers ordering and then canceling.   

Refunds For Store Credit

We only offer refunds on factory broken, incorrect or damaged items. This means if your item arrives and it is damaged or broken in any way, we will give you an exchange. (THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ON SCREEN PROTECTORS, OR GLASS CASES) There will be no returns at all after 30 days.



We do not have any warranty on tempered glass, this is because the nature of the product, a very thin glass screen protector can be broken simply by dropping the phone or from keys on your pocket. Also phone cases are not indestructible, they are meant to be the first line of defense against your phone breaking. Example if your phone drops and your case breaks and your phone is ok then its ok the case did its job. Each product has a different warranty, please email us to find out.



Don’t believe us? Read below!


One vomiting episode from someone infected with norovirus emits billions and billions of individual viruses. That’s enough to fuel an outbreak – and is exactly what happened in an elementary school in Seattle, Washington a few months ago. Over 100 children got sick with the stomach-churning bug, and the school doors remained closed until workers could decontaminate the lockers, desks and hallways.

You might think of germs mostly passing directly from one person to another, but the outbreak in Seattle illustrates how they can survive on and be transmitted by inanimate objects in the world around us.

Epidemiologists like me call these everyday objects – like doorknobs, elevator buttons and cellphones – fomites, and when contaminated, these fomites can make you sick. Fomites can be an important pathway of disease transmission. They were the main culprits in that norovirus outbreak in Seattle last year and have been the cause of many other outbreaks. In 1908, smallpox outbreaks were traced to contaminated imported cotton. More recently, outbreak studies in day care centers have identified viruses on toys, phones, toilet handles, sinks and water fountains.



We cannot accept ant returns because the cell phone is a very dirty thing and we cannot have a customer use a phone case for a week and then send it back to us? It is a danger to our staff and our staff’s families since we are working from home. It is a danger to our future customers because we do not want to send someone a used iphone case? Imagine if you had the same phone case someone sweat on all day? Or heard a funny joke a laughed and spit on, or the worst if someone went to the bathroom for a #2 and did some reading on there phoned and then didn’t wipe really well? Then proceed to talking on the phone after work. Would you want to get a phone case like that? I would not want skin cells, dandruff, feces, covid-19, sweat and other bodily fluids on my face or close to my mouth. This is why we have a strict policy to protect you and me.