OnePlus 11 Magsafe Charger Case

Color:: Silver
Sale price€42,95


Ultimate Protection for Your OnePlus 11 5G with SilverBumper Case


Looking for a sturdy protective case for your OnePlus 11 5G?Our silver bumper case is just what you need. It's designed specifically forthe OnePlus 11 5G model and made of high-quality metal material for durabilityand long-lasting protection. Here are some features that make this case standout:


All-Inclusive Camera Lens Protector: This case comes with abuilt-in integrated camera lens protection film that shields your phone fromaccidental drops, smashes, falls, collisions, and face-up or face-down situations.

Wireless Charger Compatible: You don't have to worry aboutpoor charging caused by incorrect placement. The built-in magnets align circleperfectly with wireless charger, so you can charge your phone easily with thiscase.

Safety Locks: The matte back cover features one safety lockthat prevents the phone from being injured due to the separation of the casewhen it is dropped.

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprint: The smart NanoOleophobic Coating design of the matte back prevents fingerprints, watermarks,oil, and dust, keeping the case clean and shiny. The case also provides anexcellent skinny touch.

Get your OnePlus 11 5G the ultimate protection it deserveswith our silver bumper case.

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