iPhone 15 Waterproof Case | Waterproof iphone 15 Case

Color:: Black
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In Stock August 2023 Now!!!!

The waterproof case only cooperative with 15 Ip68 certified waterproof case, protecting your phone perfectly in any bad environment. Built-in screen protector& clear scratch-resistant back panel, shock-absorbing, anti-scratch protection. And the natural back cover will not block the wireless charging beacon make it support broadcast charging with a case on.

Proper installation is important for successful use, two sheets(front and back) snap-on design makes Waterproof iPhone 15 Case fast and simple to install. Fully sealed even after many opportunities open and close. The clear treatment guarantees HD clarity exposes the truth. A slim body less than 0.5inch/12mm presents stories of strength, however does not add enough to the size of the phone.


  • Protect your phone from water.
  • Perfect for any underwater activities.
  • It supports wireless charging with a case on.
  • Two covers snap-on design makes it fast and easy to install.

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