Galaxy S21 Ultra Battery Case | S21 Ultra Battery Charger Case

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Samsung 21 Ultra Battery Charger Case Extends about 110% Power to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G The powerful rechargeable extended battery effectively adds over one full charging to Galaxy S21 Ultra. Keep your Galaxy S21 Ultra alive all day long it adds pretty weight and volume to the phone.

Samsung 21 Battery Charger Case Fast Charging & Wireless Charging Supported With premium Li-polymer batteries, ZeroLemon Ultra Power Galaxy S21 Ultra 8000mAh battery case can be fast chargers, PD chargers, and Samsung super fast PPS chargers Still, feel free to charge the case with wireless chargers.

  • Transfer data freely between Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • To activate the wired headset and OTG mode.
  • The battery case is not designed to fast charge the phone.
  • Distribute shock while staying flexible and comfortable to hold.
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